Just picked up this sweet album. It’s pretty good but the Ukrainian rapper only raps about food.

My favorite song is “Nothin But a ‘C’ Thing”

Are you here to fight with us, Katniss?



In celebration of hitting over 1k followers, I threw together a follow forever! I’m so glad to be following each and every one of you and, if not for you guys, my dashboard would be an incredibly dull place. Whether it was through spontaneously exploding in unison over fandom or engaging in head canon/au debates or even getting sucked into those hilarious memes that never wanted to end, I have loved every second of knowing you all and I look forward to seeing what sort of crazy we all get into in the future. Thanks for putting up with me, everyone! You are all truly HELLA AMAZING.


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Who am I?


Dear OB Season 3… We all want it.

©LC Morgan.

Look at the Signs: Chapter Four


Fandom: Orphan Black
 Soccercop (Beth/Alison)
Raiting: T
Word Count: 5,500
Chapter Summary: Alison, with some help, realizes the mistakes she had made the night before and tries to make it right. She can’t lose Beth just now. Sign Language Soccercop AU!
Author’s Note: Well, that was a long wait, sorry for that guys. I had a lot to write about for this chapter, and Alison’s day isn’t even over (YOU’LL UNDERSTAND ONCE YOU READ) but it felt like the right amout of… Let’s call it action, for this chapter. By the way, the whole story has over 50 pages so far, HOLY FISHSTICKS. Anyways, read, like, reblog, comment if you’d like. I love hearing your thoughts on this story. And also, if you like want me to message you or tag you whenever I update it - feel free to message me! ENJOY. (:

[Chapter One] , [Chapter Two] , [Chapter Three] , [Chapter Four]

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Project: CASTOR


why do you guys accept me